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 By: Gail Carson Levine

Hello! Ready for some more magic? If you are so, continue to read on! If you like fairy tales, you’ll definitely like this book! It’s like she lives in a fairytale. She is a girl living without a mother, and a girl fighting to break free her curse. Find out by reading this amazing book review!?

Since childhood, Ella has been trying to break free from a spell. The spell was an obeying spell. So far the spell made bad luck for her. She lost her best friend. Her only best friend is her mother. While her father travels, she and her mother have lots and lots of fun. But then, her mother dies. She has no one except her father. But her father is another problem. The only people who know about her curse are her mother and a house cook, Mandy. When she finds out that her house cook is her fairy godmother, she starts being best friends with Mandy. Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Frell, the prince has his own problems. It’s hard falling in love with an ordinary girl for a prince, but Prince Char falls in love with Ella. While then, the prince starts hanging out with Ella, and starts getting really close to her. But, as she obeyed, she did not tell the prince that she has a curse. However, the prince notices that Ella is no ordinary girl and tries to figure out what’s the difference. While then, Ellas dad gets remarried with Hatties mom. When Hatties mom finds out that Ella is obedient, she makes Ella an housemaid, and Hattie and Olive keep on disturbing her or making her sad. Olive keeps on asking for money, and Hattie keeps on telling Ella to stay in her room locked when Prince Char visits. Soon, Ella and Char get back together, but there’s one problem, they both get into another fight and forgive each other again. Prince Char asks her to marry him. What will Ella say? If she says no, Char will be disappointed in her. They would not be able to be friends. So what is she going to say? Find out in this Newbery honour book.

 I give this book 5 stars. I hope you enjoyed another magical book! If you read it, here’s an activity: Try to identify the fairy tale that is similar when Ella disguises herself and go to the ball to see Prince Charmont. What are the similarities and differences? Please let me know if you liked it or if you can give me suggestions. And also please let me know your favorite book so I can do a review on that!!

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