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The princess and the page – Book review

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing a book called The Princess and the page. Let’s get started!

A dark secret lurks in Keira’s family. But Keira doesn’t know that. The most annoying thing about her family is rules. And hey, they aren’t any bad rules. But some are: no pens in the house, no writing stories (especially Fiction) and more rules about writing. I mean, this doesn’t make sense to Keira. So, after a robbery in her house, Keira was searching for her dad’s phone, and while she does so, she comes upon a beautiful pen, and feels a rush of magic upon her. So, when Keira’s mom looks into the box where Keira took the magical pen, Keira’s mom feels panicked because she thinks the robbers took the pen. Keira wants to give the pen up at that moment, telling her mom it is safe, but she couldn’t give it up as she got the memory of the rush of magic, and she decided she wouldn’t give the pen up. Ever. When Bella (her best friend) comes up with the idea to enter the “Girls Happily Ever After” contest, Keira enters the contest and writes the story with the magical pen. Kiera thinks that the pen is magical. She wonders, if anyone ever lives Happily ever after. So she writes an Unhappy ending for the fairytale, but still wins! She flies from Florida to France. She discovers the castle she goes to stay for a week has an interesting history, about Gabrielle d’Estrées, a real French princess who lived during the 1500s. The History about her is the same for the story Keira Writes for the fairy tale contest which is suspicious. It also had the same Unhappy ending as her story, and her story has the same characters as the history. Keira and Bella meet Chet,  a mischievous boy. They also meet other visitors and people who work there. The Jones, Mr. Parker, Mademe, and more. On her first day, Keira thinks she saw the painting of Gabrielle d’Estrées eyes move and mouth out the words ‘Help me’. But Bella and Chet didn’t see that. After a while, Keira thinks that she is entering her own story, the one she wrote for the contest.  And Keira thinks she has figured out the magic of the pen. When she writes with the pen, the story she writes comes true. But what she doesn’t know is she is a word weaver. Her whole family is! Word weavers are people who write with a Special pen and bring stories to life. And when Keira Finds out, she gets why her mother has a no writing rule. For generations, powerful people have wanted to rule word weavers. And now, Keira couldn’t just stand there knowing that so many people had disappeared just because of her. So, Keira is on an adventure. She suspects the Jones and she thinks Mr. Parker is Mysterious. And Keira has to figure these things out too. Keira also realizes that, every stroke at 12:00, every time that clock goes dong dong, something happens. Will Keira help Gabrielle d’Estrées and save everyone from Gabrielle’s stepsister from her fairy tale at Friday night ball? Or, will she let the danger come in and not be able to save everyone? Everything is in her hands. It is her Duty to keep everyone safe. Will she do that? Find out in this magical book.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! I give this book 5-star ratings. Bye! Later till next time!   

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