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     The Grimm legacy

     By: Polly Shulman.

Hello folks! Ready to see this magical book review? This is the book … THE GRIMM LEGACY!!!  Join this review to find out what this adventure is all about! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Elizabeth’s mother died when she was little. Elizabeth has a hard time fitting into her new school, when she has to move with her father, to her stepmother and stepsisters place. She doesn’t have any friends. Just mean people who play “Accidentally step on the new girl’s foot of course”. What’s the point of having no friends at school? But one opinion will never change for Elizabeth no matter where she goes. It stays the same. That fairytales are her favorites. And yes indeed she does have a favorite fairytale. It is “The twelve dancing princesses”. One day, Elizabeth’s favorite teacher, Asks her if she would like to work as a page in a library. She takes the job and makes new friends. Everything is very normal. And very fun. Except she finds out, there is a mysterious bird after a collection in the library. But the thing is, this is no ordinary collection. It’s magical. It’s from fairy tales that the Grimm brothers wrote and the fairy tale objects they collected. She also finds out two other pages used to work. Zandra (one of the pages) got fired. And Mona (the other page. One of the library’s best workers) disappeared. Now, Elizabeth and her friends have to find out what’s going on. And soon, Elizabeth and her friends, Perfect Anjali, handsome Marc, Frenemy Aaron are on an adventure. Soon, every person who works in the library is in danger. One of the pages already disappeared. Anjali. Will they save the Grimm collection and find Anjali? It’s a fun but very dangerous adventure. Find out in this book, that has Drama, humor, love, and friendship. Make sure to check out the series. Join the magical, and fun with Elizabeth!!

I really enjoyed the friendship and adventure Polly shulman brings into the story. And I hope you like fun as much as I do! Later till next time!?

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