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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone book review

By: J.K. Rowlings

A lot of people know the Harry Potter series. A story about  a boy who finds out he is a famous wizard and sets off to the most famous witchcraft  wizarding school, Hogwarts. If you’re someone who knows the Series, but not sure to read the books, find out by reading this review. Make sure to check out all the book reviews for the series.

Harry Potter never knew about quidditch, Diagon Alley, about Hogwarts, and that he was a real wizard and magic existed! Nope. All he knew was a normal life with the Dursleys, living at 4 Privet Drive in Little Whinging. He had no friends. No one liked him. He was less popular. That’s because everyone had to agree with Duddly, (Harry potter’s annoying cousin). One time, an owl came. And there were no owls in the daytime. This owl was delivering a letter to Harry. How Strange. No one ever delivered a letter to him. Because no one ever knew him nor liked him! So, when he tried to see the letter, Uncle Vernon grabbed the letter and ripped it apart. Each day more and more of the same letter came until there were letters all over the house. When they move far away from where they couldn’t get a post, a big giant man appears and tells Harry that he’s a wizard. He also learns the real reason his parents were dead. All this time the Dursley’s have been covering the real reason and saying that they had died in a car crash. But the real reason that both of his parents were dead because an evil wizard killed them but couldn’t even kill him when he was 1 year old. That’s why he got famous. The big man also shows him the letter, which says he has been accepted to a wizarding and witchcraft school, the most popular school in the wizarding world, Hogwarts. When The big man, A.k.a. Hagrid (Gamekeeper of Hogwarts), takes Harry to Diagon Alley to buy all his magical stuff for his magical school, including getting a wand, Hagrid explains all about wizards and who he really is. Harry Potter was excited to go to Hogwarts and meet new friends, and start his new life. But what he really was excited for was getting away from the Dursley’s for more than a month. After all, Hogwarts was a boarding school. And the Dursley’s really treated him miserably. He was never allowed to eat how much he wanted, and his room was a cupboard downstairs. The Dursleys were also excited to get rid of him. They never really liked him. When Harry Potter sets off to Hogwarts, he makes new friends and a common enemy. His two best friends are Ron and Hermione. When Harry gets to be the seeker of the quidditch (the most popular sport in the wizarding world) team, he is happy but nervous. No one has been picked as a seeker for the quidditch team. At least not in a century. Harry finds out that his father has been a seeker too, just like him. And being the seeker is the hardest position of Quidditch. Harry Potter goes on an adventure of surviving another attack from Voldemort (the evil wizard who has killed his parents. The most powerful wizard, but not as powerful as Dumbledore, (headmaster for Hogwarts.) ) He tries to follow the clues he can get and put them together to find out about what Voldemort is trying to get. He also figures out that Voldemort has a helper. And figures out it was Professor Snape, (potions master). Harry Potter has to survive and rescue the school, and the world from danger for once in for all. Will he do it? Will he survive the first adventure that Hogwarts brings? This will be a very hard time. I really enjoyed this book! I would give it 5 stars. Really adventurous, and good. I hope you like it. 

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