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Clementine book review

By: Sara Pennypacker

Hello everyone! Today I am going to do a review on a funny series that I think you might like: Clementines. I am going to be doing a review on the first book: Clementine. So, let’s begin.

Clementine is a goofy character if you ask me. She is artistic, she is friendly, she gets in trouble, and more. In this first book, you get to meet the characters. Take Her best friend Margaret for example. She is in fourth grade, thinks that she’s the boss of Clementine, neat and organised, and a good friend. The author  also introduces the people who are important to her like family members. Let me tell you a bit about Clementine’s brother:  Clementine calls him a vegetable name because she herself got stuck with a fruit name. So she thought it was not fair, and she decided to give him a worse name than hers. She couldn’t think of a worse name than a vegetable name. So then she kept on switching vegetable names to call her brother. He is, as Margaret calls, (Clementines best friend like I told you) an easy one. And he’s three years old. When Margaret gets glue in her hair, Clementine cuts out Margaret’s whole hair which now makes her look like a boy. And Margret is perfect! She is beautiful! She’s  not like Clementine who is not clean. What is easy to get in but hard to get out? Trouble! Clementine finds herself in trouble again! She takes another trip to the Principal’s office. And then she gets in trouble again when she colors Margaret’s hair orange with one of her mother’s permanent markers. What can she do? Then, one day Clementine overhears a conversation that her parents were having by mistake. She hears that they were going to finally get rid of her for good and throw a moving-away party. Everything’s ruined for Clementine! Just like Margaret said Clementine was the hard one. And talking about Margaret, she and Margaret weren’t allowed to speak nor see each other again. Clementine has a mission. She needs to act good, so her parents can’t get rid of her for good and reclaim the friendship with Margaret. And let me tell you, that was not so easy for Clementine. Will Clementine’s parents not get rid of her and will she reclaim her friendship with Margaret? Or will she go somewhere else before she and Margaret even be Friends again? She needs to make things good before things turn to bad, and then worse.

I give this book 3 stars. A very funny book indeed! Please let me know which book is your favourite in the series if you already read so! Goodbye trouble makers! 

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